Tris Prior/The Greendale Seven/FemShep

Okay so as long as the Greendale Seven stays out of this (unless they have paintball guns) FemShep could take like all of them and Tris could help out.

Shepard, the Courier, and Elena/Stefan

I think Shep and the Courier can handle things.  I’ll just hang back with whichever Vampire Diaries person I’m with.

Scott, Derek, and Stiles?

I’m doing pretty good before Scott puts us all in danger trying to find Zombie allison. And Stiles bails to help.

And Derek goes to collect.

…then I’m screwed.

Utena, Adam Jensen and the 3rd Street Saints Boss.

Dude, I’mma win the zombie apocalypse.

Ezio Auditore, Shepard, and the Warden. Well at least Shepard and the Warden have experience with zombies? Ezio’s just going to be going, “Wait! I don’t understand! I have so many queschons!”

Cole MacGrath (inFAMOUS 2), Sabrina Spellman, and Arthur Dent. That’s pretty epic. I’ve got electricity, magic, and tea on my side!

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, Jon Stewart (he counts right) and Manny, Sid and Diego.

Pretty safe to say I’m going to laugh, talk to come prehistoric animals and live but Kenny is going to die.

Shadow and Wednesday from American Gods, The Winchester brothers and Cas, and Edmund Blackadder. I think i’m covered 

Sherlock Holmes, The Doctor and Alice (from Alice Madness Returns). I’m not going to die.

The Doctor from Doctor Who, Jess Day from The New Girl, and Michael Weston from Burn Notice. I’m going to live.

The Doctor, John Wayne, and a dog


Thor, The Doctor, Ironman….I think I am good

Katniss Everdeen, Batman, People from Call of Duty… yeah i’m safe

Batman, Dean Palton from Community, and Stephen Colbert. 


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    I think i’ll live.
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    (Puyo Puyo Vs, Pokemon X, and Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated. Yep, I got this one in control.)
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    Good team, Cyborglovesong! I have the Shepherds (from FEA), the Pilotwings, and Kirby! I will live!
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    My OC from my story (YES)/Ryuko Matoi +Satsuki Kiruyin (Kill La Kill)/Rachel Alucard (BlazBlue) I’m fucking set.
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    Tryion Lannesster, Finn from Adventure Time, and the Tenth Doctor …. I think I’m safe.
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    Garrett from Thief Sona from League of legends Mary Queen of Scotts from Reign. Welp I found my sacrifice
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    Garrett from Thief Ashe from League of Legends Raiden from Metal Gear Rising I’m fairly confident. Not sure if I can...
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    Oh wow, I got Sorrow from Sorrow’s Fall, Dean Winchester and Garret from Thief. Hellzyeah! A kick ass telepathic...
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    Archer, Kath and Kim (from austrailian comedy Kath and Kim), and Sailor Moon. Well. Thats an interesting team.
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    okay so… Riddick, Sailor Moon, and Tanis Half-Elvin… I think that would be lovely as hell to see.
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    Dream from “The Sandman”, Amos from “Prismatica”, and Freder from “Metropolis”. Two witty ordinary guys and one god that...
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    I’d most likely be called unpleasant a lot.. Smarts would help along the way c: Not sure if he’d be much help… Idk...
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    -The girl is with me too…though I doubt she will help me. -He doesn’t seem to have weapons, but he looks like he is a...
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    i just got done playing pokemon conquest, i read animorphs, and the last thing i watched was avatar: the last airbender....
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    Tony Soprano-The Sopranos. Hahah
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    Not that bad. I get One of the Gilmore Girls (hopefully Lorelai), Emily from Revenge (badass), and Elena Gilbert (she is...
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    Read: Fairy Tail and last person i saw from there is Makarov. RavexFairy Tail: ammmm…. whoever do i choose from there...
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    Last thing i read was game of thrones so i’m taking khaleesi and her dragons. Last thing i played was red dead...
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    Read… pshhh I don’t read… Ok slendy Watched… Wendy wu Played KINGDOM HEARTS… SORA BITCHESSSS lol Over all I think I’m...
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    Haha, last three things I read or watched mean my zombie killing team consists of the Justice League, the Winchester...
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    Lorelai Gilmore (GIlmore Girls), Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy) and Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)…..Lorelai will make me...